If you don't see the right package for you don't panic. We are happy to work with you to find the right subscription for your budget and your desired outcome. Contact us now to discuss this via email or use the contact form on the homepage.

Save with a subscription

  • Gold Access

    Every month
    More intensive tutoring for those looking to improve quickly
    • Six sessions per month.
    • Weekly feedback on written submissions.
    • Monthly reports to parents on progress.
    • Maximum of two subjects.
    • Optional: Mock exams every term.
  • Platinum Access

    Every month
    For those looking to excel
    • 8 1:1 sessions a month.
    • Mock exam every term or by request.
    • Feedback on all work set.
    • Parent updates via email or phone.
    • Maximum of four subjects.
  • Silver Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for weekly classes with extra support from tutors.
    • x4 1:1 lesson a month
    • Access to one subject.
    • Feedback on essay length submission every month.
    • Quarterly report for parents on student's progress.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Subscriptions will autorenew weekly from the card entered in checkout. Please contact us at anytime via the live chat or via thelearnlabuk@gmail.com to cancel your subscription and we will be happy to assist.