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The LaB

The Learn Lab was started to give students a platform that transcends the contact time received in traditional education and further curricular learning. With over 10 years of experience as a private tutor, the founder, Dr. Emily Fisher, became increasingly aware of the shortcomings of the education system and designed The Learn Lab to push students from all backgrounds to reach their maximum potential. Now as a teacher at a leading public school, her experience of pupil success are channeled into the resources and bespoke support on offer.

Resource Lab


Amazing tutor, helped me get a level 7 when I was predicted a level 5. She also helped me with my BMATS and my personal statement. She is so friendly and intelligent. Very happy!!


GCSE Student

I contacted Emily in desperation having been told I was predicted a D in English Lit. After 2 months of seeing Emily got an A*. Emily is amazing and I would definitely recommend her.


A Level Student

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