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Greyson Williams
Greyson Williams

Download GoreBox (Old) for Android - Free and Virus-Free Versions

step 1: install bluestacks step 2: go to the Bluestacks 5 multi-instance manager (CTRL + SHIFT + 8) step 3: download a pie 64-bit instance of bluestacks step 4: open the pie-64 instance of bluestacks step 5: download GBA step 6: go to settings > graphics and set it to DIrectX (openGL will not work with GBA) step 7: open GBA and fun

ok so depending on the computer or the download file your computer might not have a program or is normaly programed to open it if its a zip file search on the computers app store (if it has one) and search for .zip or whatever the file type is i hope this helps

download gorebox old version

Download apk:

add guts in the new gorebox and add swords, knifes (excluding machete), Armor, More nature, ect. Maybe even more ways to destroy the doll? I'm just saying, If you don't add more and cool even weapons that don't exist in the real world! Would make it more fun, but if you don't, your gorebox games will fail. Trust me I know it'll happen so please felix PLEASE! Add some new things, new ways to torture the ragdolls, and just go wild my man, make the game more interesting and just make a major update for ye' game to get more popularity cus' I really like ye' games but they're kinda boring now since I really really would love a major update adding new dismemberment n' shit. (P.S. I'm 11 lol) 2b4c41e320


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